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How do you get the mystery games for free?

Jessie Thompson

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on September 28, 2018

Very simply: make them yourself. This is not as difficult as it seems. Take a look at my tips below. First, decide how much time you want to devote to prepare for the festival. The more time you spend preparing, the more developed of the story and the characters can be, and the longer the mystery can continue. If you do not have the free time, to focus on mystery games like charades or i spy. Secondly, decide what type of mysteries that you want to include. Girls tend to prefer less scary mysteries, but it really depends on who you have coming and how old they are. In the third place, how large is the group? The larger the group, the more preparation you will need. Unless of course you prefer games of mystery without a mystery throughout the whole night. Fourth, do you want to include a theme? Mystery party games are often more fun if you are connected to a theme. You don't have to use the traditional mystery party themes such as 'ghost house' or 'whodunnit'. In fifth place, how long you want the games to last? This will also help to determine how much of the preparation that needs to be done. Finally, when the creation of their own mystery, you have to create enough characters for all the world, and decide on the facts of each one of the characters that no one else knows. Try and weave these into the mystery of the story, and get people to interact in character. Games of mystery, which he himself creates more special than the store-bought, and is only limited by our imagination!

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