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How do you get possesed by a spirit?

Victoria Fowler

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1 answer

Deborah Edwards on September 19, 2019

Answer 1 : Many different faith traditions include the notion of spiritual possession; and you have not specified the faith tradition to which you referred. The "possession" to which you referred could also be completely metaphysical thing, devoid of any tradition of the faith of the participation. And you have not specified if it is, either. And, in any case, possession can be voluntary or involuntary, and can be seen as beneficial or not. So the question that can't really be answered, as asked. Each faith tradition or metaphysics, or belief system is going to see spiritual possession in a different way. And each one of them goes on to explain how it happens, or how to make that happen (if it is even possible in the tradition in question), in a different way. There are, then, there is an answer, given that the issue has been raised. .

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