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How do you get popuar in middle school?

Amanda Johnson

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Deborah Edwards on August 8, 2019

Well, in the first place, it is always a good idea to sleep around, because the attention is bad attention! In the second place, going from child to child will actually increase his status, soon the people do not have nothing else to talk about then. Another good thing to do is to wear revealing clothes, the boys will not be able to take their eyes of you. Also when speaking to a child, subtly push your boobs together and lean forward to have a straight view down the front of his shirt. The trap is always going to be people talking, in addition to that need to be tied to this age? Hooking up randomly with guys or even girls if your into that is never a bad way to get a little attention. Even better are the older children, as they tend to draw most of the attention of a broader range of people.

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