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How do you get mom and dad to play with you when your bored but you have no sister?

Jeffrey Rodriguez

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Brandon Scott on August 6, 2019

Parents have a lot of responsibilities and cannot always play. If your feeling lonely and want to spend time with your parents, try asking him if you can help with what you are doing. If you feel that you never came to spend some time with you, talk with them about it. Ask if you can book 1 hour each day to spend time with you. If you are already at least an hour per day of individual attention from their parents and feel that you need more, it is time to learn how to entertain yourself. You can't always expect others to keep you entertained. Get a deck of cards and play solitaire, or invent new games can be played alone. You can draw, or find designs to color. Ask your parents if you can get online and play some games.

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