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How do you get hyper in lacrosse?

Jeremy Wood

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on June 14, 2018

I pumped in lacrosse, super pumped. See I am the middle child in my family, and my brother has been very successful in lacrosse, starting varsity as a freshman in high of the school. They expect a lot out of me, a little bit of a lot. My dad I punishes and yells at me, because I can't do what my brother. So during a tournament, I dropped the ball two times, once was a blind side hit, and one was a double team. After the game, my dad dragged me out of the court and gave me a slap and he grabbed my face and just yelled at me for dropping the ball, although it was not my fault. We also had another game and I told my coach not to play me. He told my dad that he was still going to play with me, because I was a starter and one of the best in the team. Well, I played my best game that I've played. We had to play the best team in the tournament (ranked 4th) and I simply went. I scored 6 goals, and I know that this is bad, wounded and 2 children hit it as hard. I was taken out during the third quarter after scoring 6 goals and dishing out three assists. The reason why I played so well was because I took out my anger on the game. So I won the tournament, and I received the MVP Attackman of the tournament. On the way home, my dad never said a word to me, and I decided to stop at a trophy shop. I thought that it was gratifying to me, but he took it in my trophy MVP, and brought it in. He came back to the car with $ 20 waved in my face, and stuffed it into his pocket. We had another game the next day, and I think you could find out how I played in that game...

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