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How do you get a student loan if you have no credit?

Jennifer Patterson

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1 answer

1 answer

Carlton Burgess on November 30, 2018

You don't need a credit for a student loan. It is backed by the Government. The loan is a percentage of the total needed to pay for tuition, around ninety five percent, but still have to get the money to pay this difference in tuition and books as well. In many cases, even more money was needed to pay for living expenses if you are away from home. You need 120 credits for a Bachelor's degree or 8 classes per year. This is what you pay for. This loan is deferred (interest), while at the university, and then six months after graduating, you will begin to pay. You can ask if you have not received a work by the then postpone longer and also to ask for different terms, on the basis of your work or the family to pay.

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