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How do you get a loan with no credit and a cosigner?

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

1 answer

Theresa Perry on March 8, 2019

Without a credit history and a co-signer, you may find that it is very difficult (impossible in this environment) to get a traditional loan. I would recommend, if it is possible, borrow money from friends and/or family, if the loan that you need is not large since the following options are not what I want someone to use: * If the amount that you need is a small amount (less than $ 1,500), you only need that money for a short period of time (a few weeks), and you have a job with verifiable income (your paystubs will usually do)you may consider a payday loan. Despite the fact that the fees are quite high, you do not need a credit history or co-signer to get the money. * Alternatively, if you are the owner of your car directly (the titles), you need a larger loan (which will depend on the cash value of your car), you need the money for a relatively short period of time (a month or two), and you have a job with verifiable income (paystubs again), you may consider a auto title loan. The rates are lower than that of the loan of day of payment and credit histories are not required, however, if you do not pay the money, you will lose your car.

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