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How do you find if a girl is lying?

Mindee Nelson

in Self Improvement

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on July 5, 2019

So guys trying to figure this out I've done my research and here is my answer. a key fact to determine if a girl is lying to you, girls tend to lie like the governmentt. 1. They will try to avoid the response on the part of any person can deny or confirm. 2. The girls often act out of character when you are lying down or gigle. this is a quick way for you to say. 3. When you have suspiocion of his lie to the questions that dig her deeper into the lie. with the time it will fall through and you win. 4. always investigate first. girls will always try to avoid the truth if it is very bad. 5. golden rule: remember that girls are more intelligent to think a lot about what you will say to catch your lie. this is a bit of my knowledge. trust me this will work for the majority of the time. trust me I'm a lawyer. I lie for a living.

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