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How do you earn bimbo dollars on miss bimbo?

Kyle Mckinney

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Kaitlin Dean on March 24, 2018

The best way is to become VIB and buy them however here are some ways to earn Bimbo Dollars for free: Get a boyfriend: He will give you a certain amount of BD every day. Get a job: You will receive a certain amount of BD every day. Play games: Scratch cards will give you 0,10,20 or 30 BD each game ( you have 2 plays per day ) Fashion emergency, Fitz, Mysteriez: you get 50 BD if you pass the 1st level. Mastermind: Win between 10 and 30 BD. Watch some Bimbo TV: You get from 5-40+ BD depending on which clip you see). Challenge and duel stake: Stake somebody how much BD you want but be careful because you can lose!

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