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How do you calculate kilowatts per hour?

Kyle Mckinney

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Whitney Matthews on June 29, 2018

A kilowatt-hour is calculated by adding the watts together anddeviding by 1000, this will give kilowatts (kW). Then, the work outhow many hours of using this load. mulmultiply the kW by thehours and get kWh. eg 15 lamps at 100w = 1500w/1000 = 1.5 kW.If these were left in for 6 hours, after 6 x 1.5 = 9 kWh. Answer There is no such thing as a 'kilowatt per hour'. It is quite likesaying 'kilometers per hour per hour", because a kilowatt is " a name given to a joule per second -in other words, itmeasures a fee.

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