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How do you ask a boy to dance with you at a school dance?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on March 18, 2018

It is very simple, but quite the nerves. I would like to know, since I have 13. I've been to 3 dances hosted by my school, and I'm not particularly popular. Here are a few ideas of my friends and I have found to work: 1.) Random walk and say "Hey, wanna dance?" 2.) Ask him a week in advance. Try and get to know your taste and fit yourself for when you request it. 3.) Don't be nervous. That ruins the atmosphere. I hope this helped. Another tip is, if you like-as the man, be near him and know him better. What I do, is in the summer, make you go across the country side to ride a bike. My boyfriend and I got really close that way until I left the threat dump me. go up to him and ask him. probally doesn't help to go up to him and ask him if he says no then say oh okay good my friend there only, I dared to ask you good thing you said no (flip the embrassement on it the type of thing), if the two of you are friends or have something in common to talk about him, then when the next song comes on say oh my god, I love this song come dance with me, last way would be hey _______ come dance with me, if he says no you say yes I like to do something fun in the school parties, but if you do not want to dance well you can go to someone to dance or something even more and wave bye as you walk away(play off like its totally his loose)

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