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How do you answer 'What are areas of improvement for you' in a job interview?

Timothy Norman

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Donald Ward on November 10, 2018

In the first place, knowing that you might get asked a question like this is an advantage, so relax. Identify areas of improvement that relate to the job you are applying for. To be honest, do you need a better understanding of a particular computer program, or you need to perfect your technique for beating egg whites. The most important thing is that it recognizes that it could improve in some areas, and assure the interviewer that you will always be receptive to constuctive critisim and suggestions for improvement. It is clear that they are easy to teach and always eager to learn new things and improve their performance. Preparation for this question by brainstorming with a pen and paper ahead of time, there have been times in the past, you've wished that it would have been better expert in something? Turn that into an answer and talk about being something that you would like to improve, and how your work can benefit the company as a whole. Another great way to prepare for interviews is to find out what employers are learning about interviewing and hiring. This is a very personal question and you really need to look inside yourself to find what might be the correct answer. However, since you are going for a job, make sure that you don't really end up with any weakness but rather discuss your strength in a negative way. You can say that you never really paid attention to sports and that have the goal of improving your sport. You can also say that you only speak one language, but you believe that a second language is required in order to connect with colleagues, and so your goal is to learn a second language. However, whatever you do, make sure that you do NOT mention some really serious thing such as the inability to manage time or lack of management skills, as this will see you thrown out of the interview at the same time.

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