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How do you answer the case study questions in MBA?

Kyle Mckinney

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Daniel King on February 18, 2019

Hi Any examination is intended to Test three aspects of the question of Memory, Understanding and Application. 1) the Memory Through the principles and concepts. Be aware of the key words and the results and the theories proposed by great scholars. For example, Porters 5 Force Model - be clear about the model. 2) Understanding Read the case carefully, list the main problems on a piece of cardboard. Map the concepts (memory) for the given case. Try to interpret the concept with the background of the case 3) Application - Now present the solution based on the theory and interpretation. The application is the bye product of the memory and of the understanding... is the art of presenting the understanding. Unless you practice more and more, you can not have. Memory and Comprehension can be taught to some extent, however the application is the internal aspect of learning - that is, from the very heart and the brain. Therefore it can't be taught in reality though some tips for the presentation can be given in the case of Yours VN

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