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How do you answer 'How can you improve our company' in a job interview?

Carlton Burgess

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Daniel King on March 2, 2018

Response . You could start by understanding why the company is in the business in the first place. So... what do we do and why a customer go to them for products or services? Then, look for ways to make that happen better, faster, more eficiently, at less cost and with the highest level of quality and on-time delivery, more of a broader market. Here are some examples:\n. \nA receptionist can take a moment to review the calls received to more appropriately refer to the call. An engineer can see a design defect and to recommend a change to increase the life or improve the performance of the product. A purchasing person may see a part of the order and of the research a less expensive alternative that still meets engineering and customer specifications. A factory worker may see a better way to clamp the piece in the mill, which eliminates a step in the process without the increase of the metal or compromising the security. A word processor can find and suggest abbreviations or codes, as well as the spelling of long words, the increase of the number of entries per minute. A sales person can feel a whole new application for an old product line, the opening of a new market for something that could be in the throws of decline in sales. A retail employee can try to place a screen in new areas of the store to find the right exposure to sell more products.

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