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How do the secondary school facilities in the UK operate?

 Can someone share some information about the peculiarities of the British secondary school facilities? I know there is much confusion regarding this topic. I would like to know, for instance, the comprehensive details of the process utilized by the intermediate school of the UK in providing the students of different age groups with the required level of intermediate education as per the standards defined state-wise. What methods are implemented by the British schools system in ensuring high-quality education locally and globally through foreign and international schools?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Derrick Little on January 5, 2018

Based on my in-depth research on the school system in Britain, I was able to obtain facts which indicated towards particular issues related to its mixed reputation, implying the variations of education quality in different states. As I was able to note, the universities as well as other institutions of higher education in the UK pay much attention towards grooming students to make them excel in various fields of study. I also identified that these British schools are commonly aiming at educating a vast range of foreign students from all around the world, which further makes the population in these schools quite diverse. Considering that in the present context the world is all about globalization, where the pupils are required to respect other cultures and build up their career by competing in cross-cultural settings, experiencing such diversity within their schools is highly beneficial. It does not only shape their personality and empathy towards other cultures but also enhances their skills according to the global standards.

Intermediate schools provide admission facilities to students at the age group of 14-16 years. It is at this stage that the British schooling systems prepare the children for General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) state examinations, following which the students are free to decide upon the next institute they prefer to attain their higher education based on their strengths, weaknesses and career objectives. The schooling system in the UK has made it mandatory for the children within this age group to derive full-time education facilities in schools or in authorized training centers. The education at this phase may continue from 5 years of age until the age of 18 years, involving students not only from the permanent local families but also those temporarily residing in the UK.

There are around 3,200 British schools, comprising both locally operative institutes as well as the foreign and international school institutions. Majority of the state primary and secondary schools in the UK operate during the day hours in a co-educational format. However, some of these schools also provide facilities for day boarders as well as single-sex students to ensure that education is attained by all, irrespective of their race, purchase capacity, social statutes or ethnicity. They also allow the admission of foreign students, which largely relies on the duration along with the type of parents’ residential permit. These schools have also been working hard to enhance their global positioning by following globally tested standards of education in the greater interest of the students.

Eric Bates2 years ago

As per my observation, students in the present scenario demand the best level of education, which can be largely sufficed by the UK system, as it strives to align with the present socio-economic challenges and needs of the students. The answer therefore provides the needed facts for deciding upon an educational career in the UK, by informing people about the intermediate schools operating in the country. With the diversity of the education system in the UK, parents will have the benefit of selecting from a wide range of options suitable for their child and their economic prospects, making these schools a suitable solution for those aspiring to attain quality education at a low price. As the education system in the UK compiles global and national standards, the answer shall assist the parents with an enhanced understanding of the educational facilities that they can enjoy in the UK, or from their home country, through the foreign schools functioning under this system of education.

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