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How do the California charter schools operate?

I am a parent moving to California soon and am looking for any relevant information about Charter schools in the area. I would like any information on the system and how these California charter schools run. I need brief information on the policies and efficiency of any of these schools. I would highly appreciate any recommendations on charter schools with a good school system and more specifically suggestions of good charter schools in Los Angeles. I would also like any insight on the standard elementary school age for students to enroll in these schools in relation to their grade levels.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 28, 2018

As a parent who has two children undertaking their education in charter schools, I believe I could offer some information on these schools. Charter schools in California have gained popularity among parents in the areas due to their high achievement. These are public schools serving diverse students without subjecting them to tuition fees. Most parents choose charter schools to become more involved in their children’s education. As a resident of California I can ascertain the high quality systems of charter schools in California. Charter schools are run by a group of teachers in association with parents. In others community leaders and also prominent members of the society may be involved in forming and operating the school. Charter schools give parents an opportunity to be highly involved in the leaning process of their children and also the administration of the school.

  • Overseeing the interview of teachers in the school where parents are actively involved in choosing teachers who will oversee their kids learning
  • Teachers are also active participants in the learning process of the students and make an effort to visit their homes to monitor the well being of the students and how their environment affect their studies
  • These schools also have an extensive range of educational opportunities they offer to students within the public school system. Their educational opportunities have proved to help slow learning students to attain academic excellence.
  • Parents and members of the community are also active participants in the development of the school. In some places in California they visit even development sites to monitor the construction of the school and some of its amenities.
  • Los Angeles charter schools are overseen by parents, teacher and also the state. This accountability ensures that these schools maintain a high achieving standard compared to other schools
  • Charter schools also have flexible school systems which have proved to be highly convenient to both parents and the students.
  • The educators at charter schools in California employ the use of innovative and advanced teaching methods that result in good performance of the students. Most of the schools are established and run on performance based systems
  • When it comes to the grade level charter schools have the K-12 grade education level; I am however unsure if the school system currently has policies determining the age of students in elementary school since I enrolled my children several years back.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I personally completed my high school education at a charter school in Los Angeles and the experience was amazing. I agree that charter schools have come up with a new developed system that has upgraded from the traditional public schools systems. Some even have enrichment programs offering students several integrated courses in arts and even physical education. They have performance oriented school system that aims at their students attaining academic excellence and also gives them proper preparations for college. Depending on your personal preference, there are many performing charter schools in Los Angeles. To answer your question some examples of these schools include: KIPP Illuminar Academy, Open Charter Magnet School, Community Magnet Charter Elementary school and KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory School. These schools have both positive reviews and top ratings in both academics and administration. As per my knowledge the age limit of students varies from one school to another.

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