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How do public safety regulations protect workers

Victoria Fowler

in Social studies

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on June 2, 2018

The Industrial Revolution brought with it a new dynamic between the employer and the employee. The main change of the revolution in this dynamic was the introduction of worker safety, as one of the main requirements that all business and workplaces must have to operate. The public safety regulations exist to protect the workers of the different risks that the job may bring. It also establishes some limits and rules for the employer to consider and follow, in order to protect the safety of employees. Employers need to evaluate what things can cause harm to employees and to implement the protections required to ensure that no accidents occur. The workers are also trained in terms of safety in the workplace, so that they can identify any risks and to avoid. In every place of work should be of the first aid facilities and of medical support in the event of an accident. Each employee has to be insured in your work in the event that you become sick or are injured on the job. Regulation of public safety exists to protect and benefit the workers in their place of work.

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