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How do online university degrees work?

For the past two weeks, I have been on the search for online schools I can apply to complete my master's degree in education. I came across institutions that offer online university degrees.  With my day job, it would be convenient to enroll in an online university. I am not informed on what it would take to obtain my online masters degree in education. I am however not familiar with how online learning programs operate. I would appreciate any information I should know before applying for any of these online education masters programs.

Samantha Stevenson

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Justin Parker on May 22, 2018

I completed my master's degree in education online a few months ago, and I agree that taking a course online is highly convenient. Online learning is convenient, but this does not mean that passing is effortless. While undertaking your university degree online, you are required to input as much effort as you would in a traditional classroom. After you have applied for an online degree course, you will receive a letter from the institution. Before the semester starts, you will receive an email of the list of textbooks required for your learning program.

  •    As a student, you will be required to open an account on the university's portal. You can log on to the virtual portal at any time to view the syllabus, assignments given and exam timetable. You will use the portal to remain updated on the academic activities. You will also have access to the course units you should take during the semester and schedule a suitable study timetable for you.
  •    As a registered student, you will have full access to the institution’s online libraries. You will be able to borrow any textbooks or course study materials you need. You will borrow the book by filling a loan request to borrow the book for the period you need.
  •    Classes are conducted online using learning management systems. Live lectures are given by professors and also live classroom sessions and video learning tutorials. These learning sessions are recorded and posted on the student’s portal, and you can access them at any time.
  •    You can interact with other students through discussions forums and group projects. In case there are on-site courses that you must undertake you will be required to attend at the beginning or during the semester.
  •    The instructor can assess your progress in the education masters program online at any time. Online specific assignments are assigned and must be completed and handed back on time. Although assignments are not the same as those given in a typical classroom, you may be asked to complete a group project with other students or answer questions posed by the instructors on discussion forums. In case of any questions, you can access the instructor via email or phone. You can also get in touch with support in of any queries or concerns.
  •    Exams can be taken online under virtual online supervision. You will be provided with a test and a specified time limit. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I agree that taking online university degrees is highly convenient due to the flexibility of the courses. Even in cases where the program you want to attend is not near you, online degree programs come in handy. Before you apply for the course, however, you should conduct refined research to find an accredited institution that meets your academic requirement. You should also look at the requirements for the course program before you make your application. Online learning involves the use of different media to deliver content knowledge to students. Through a user-friendly web environment, you can attend classes interact with other students and also your teachers. You should also develop an on schedule which you will use to balance between your classes and other commitments. Online programs are done entirely online, however, those exams that cannot be taken online; preparations will be made to take the exams on-site venue near you depending on the institution you enrolled in. 

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