How do online high school classes compare to a regular school?

I’m interested in enrolling at e school for my remaining high school years. My elder sister struggled socially in high school after years of attending special education schools and overcoming her learning disabilities. She is eventually homeschooled. My parents are skeptical about letting me study online, but I detest every day of school and I would rather learn at home.  

Therefore, I'm using a School Finder to narrow down my options. I’m looking for insight on how these classes work. How are online high school classes in comparison to regular school?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Donald Ward on May 23, 2018

An online high school class works quite differently from a regular class in a public/private high school. To get maximum benefit, students should use these courses as additional learning to proper high school learning. I would not advise students to leave regular school for online learning.

In the past years, there has been a lot of debate about online education, especially at the college level. Many who oppose it site credibility and accreditation as reasons. It’s only after comparing the weight of the pros and cons that you should proceed to find an excellent online education provider through a schools’ finder. The most significant advantage of online courses is the ability to learn at your speed. In every classroom, some students struggle to keep up; others move with the teachers’ pace, and then there are those that are always ahead.

E-schooling best fits the category of students who need additional help to catch up with the rest of the class and quick learning students who feel unchallenged or bored sitting in a class where they already understand what is being taught. With online learning, you can learn as fast or as slow as you want.

Other benefits include:

  • It does not require traveling to get to class. Therefore, there is no cost on gas or bus fare.
  • You can use any environment you prefer to study. You can attend class in your bedroom or out enjoying the warmth of the sun while studying.
  • No regular school rules. For example, getting detention for indiscipline.
  • You can get personalized help for certified tutors.

On the other hand

  • Online schooling needs a lot of discipline, maturity, and motivation. You need to understand and appreciate the value of education to benefit from an online high school course. Unfortunately, most students in high school attend school because it is compulsory.
  • You can get too comfortable and ultimately grow lazy.
  • Too costly. An online course is way more expensive than attending a public high school.
  • Not all universities will recognize full-time online high school courses as proper high school education.
  • Many schools use sophisticated technology for online class sessions.

To conclude, online schooling has many benefits, but the disadvantages are also significant. If your school accepts credit from online courses, you can start by taking a couple of classes but continue attending school. Don’t let your sibling’s experience at special ed schools define the future for you.


Craig Stewart7 months ago

When you consider online high school classes with a straight and unbiased mind, there is more to frown about than actual benefits. In this case, I am talking about full-time online learning. I have no problem with taking online courses as supplementary to regular high school.

The reason top universities are skeptical about an online high school diploma is its credibility. With in-person restriction or supervision, you will most likely cheat on the tests. Not many online accredited schools have figured out a way to address this loophole.

Another reason I would advise you against quitting regular school for online learning is you will lose your social life as well. Attending school is not just for learning in the classroom, but also interacting with other students to gain both oral and interpersonal skills. High school may be harsh on you right now, but it is an essential part of growth. 

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