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How do NYU online courses compare to other courses online?

I am looking for credible online literature courses with certification. However, I have a budget that I wish not to exceed in my pursuit of higher education. Though I have set aside a good amount of savings for this education venture, I want to be prudent in spending it in case I wish to pursue more learning later. I have come across free online journalism courses but not the ones I could call marketable. Can you get good NYU online courses? Where else can I get literature and journalism courses?

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on October 24, 2018

I also have a problem with free courses because most of them that I have come across are quite do not quite relate to the need of employers today. You can do a free online journalism course if you are looking for more knowledge to be better at your job. However, if you are looking to further your studies to get a certification that can help you secure a better job position, you may need to consider parting with some money. Doing prior research of the institution and course you want to pursue is also important so that you don’t waste your money or valuable time.

I have not come across online NYU courses in journalism or literature with an online option. Therefore, I would not be in a position to give you a review on that basis. However, NYU is a reputable institution, and their courses are quite excellent. At the moment, there about ten courses offered by NYU online mostly in the humanities and sciences. There journalism degree courses will require you to attend classes at specified locations.

However, I will give you suggestions for excellent places you can find what you are looking for:

Udemy: it is arguably the most popular website for professional studies. With over 40,000 courses available, you will get a variety of courses in journalism and literature. It is a great place for professionals in a variety of career who are seeking further career development. Though Udemy offers a certificate on completing a course you are pursuing; you cannot use the course to seek licenses from approved professional bodies. Udemy offers affordable online courses on literature, journalism and media studies. You can also exploit their regular discounts which sometimes slash course prices by more than 50%.

Khan Academy: it is one of the longest education providers in the market. Therefore, over the years, Khan Academy has increased its variety of course offerings. You will find courses in any field of study currently present in most colleges and universities. I recommend Khan Academy for its reliability and high-quality courses.

Coursera: This learning website has an existing partnership with over 100 leading universities across the world. Having educated millions of learners online, you can pursue a full degree or a short course in literature or journalism. There are dozens of 4-6 week courses for your selection. Their online degrees, on the other hand, take a few years to finish.

Wilson Hansen9 months ago

I also don’t think you will get what you are looking for by exploring NYU online courses. As mentioned above, there are plenty of places you can study your course of choice online. What I disagree with, however, is that free courses are not worth any serious person’s attention. There are plenty of good courses that are free.

A good example is the prestigious online platform-EdX. It was a joint initiative by MIT and Harvard. It has since broadened its wings to partner with several other leading higher education institutions globally. To access the classes, you don’t need to pay anything. Payment is only for a verified certificate- which is optional- after a course.

So, how can you know if a course is good or not?

  • The qualification of the course instructor(s): get the name, and academic qualification
  • The quality study content in the course.
  • How effective are the methods of instruction and testing?

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