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How do literacy rates affect the standard of living?

Ralph Lopez

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Justin Parker on August 7, 2018

If a person is unable to read or write are incapable of getting a better job. Many jobs require a person to read directions, labels, forms, books and manuals, as well as fill out forms and reports. Not be able to do these things means that a person has to do a lower level of employment, therefore, earning less money, and you will live a lower standard of living. The literacy rate of an area, state, or country affects the standard of living by raising. This is because there are more, better and more advanced jobs open to an individual or population has a higher literacy rate, especially high-paying jobs. The socio-economic classes are also affected by the literacy rate. A lower literacy rate can increase the gap between them. If the literacy level is increasing, improving the level of life too due to the good job opportunities and good income. this allows people to meet all the basic needs of the house and also other refreshments. If there are more educated people, there is less poverty, crime, etc, Basically, the highest rate of literacy, the higher is the level of life

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