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How do international students survive in the USA?

I would like to hear from international students what life is like in the United States. Which are some the best universities in the USA to study law? Which are the main challenges and how will I overcome them? Upon arriving in America, is there a program such as a host an exchange student to enhance interaction of international students and integration in the local community? What are some of the benefits that I will get as a foreign student?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Derrick Little on January 11, 2018

America is a great country to study in, and it prides as the country with the highest number of international students. The over one million foreign students account for about 5% of all university students. As for the best university in the USA to study law, there are many universities that have almost similar qualities in their law program. Personally, I would recommend you consider Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Another school I would vote for as the best for law major is Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I would also consider Stanford University in Stanford, California.

Upon your arrival to America, one the most significant challenges that you will face is a different cultural society. Other students take a long time to adjust to the new environment. Isolation and homesickness are other important challenges that an international student may face. Luckily, due to the high number of students from other countries, you will find people from your country in the various universities in America. These people will play an important role in helping you adjust to new practices.

In addition, the different universities play an essential role in encouraging these students to overcome these challenges. Some universities have programs that cover topics important to the American culture. The students are taught about slang commonly used, driving, and even banking. The students are also introduced to the American health care system. The students also learn various topics touching on dining services, the library, and the different recreational facilities. Most universities host exchange students to facilitate this transformation.

For students who go to universities in the USA, there are many benefits. For instance, the students get access to high-quality institutions. By studying in these prestigious universities, international students become attractive candidates to their future employers. Besides, the students get an opportunity to enjoy and practice the American student lifestyle. They get a chance to interact with students from different parts of the world, and this makes them international. Students that don’t come from English speaking countries get an opportunity to improve their English skills.

Due to the large number of students from different countries in America, a student gets the opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The students are presented with a chance to make new and lifelong connections with some of these people. The students also get an opportunity to travel to different part of the world. Furthermore, studying in a great country like America has encouraged many students to move from their comfort zones and grow into independent individuals in the society.

Wilson Hansena year ago

Although America is a great place to advance your education, the price is very high. Every year, statistics have shown an increase in education cost. Studying in prominent universities such as Harvard has become difficult for many people. Even after receiving financial assistance, many students are finding it difficult to study in such colleges.

Another critical challenge for America is the security issue. America has laws that allow possession of firearms. Most students from countries where guns are illegal to find it very threatening to live in America. The numerous cases of people shooting other people and committing suicide are keeping many people from joining universities in USA. Most of them are afraid and don’t understand why ordinary people should be allowed to own guns in one of the most developed economies. These are some of the challenges that I think you should be aware of before deciding to come to America to pursue your life goals.

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