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How do immigrant students get student visas?

Hello, my parents live in the USA as immigrants. I would like to join them there as I take my bachelors' course at one of the colleges over there. My problem is, how do I get there as one of the immigrant students? I already have another citizenship. How do I apply for an immigration student visa? What is the US student visa application process? If I get a student visa sponsorship, do I still have to follow all the steps?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 31, 2018

If you want to enter the USA as an immigrant student, you first need to obtain a student immigrant visa for permanent residence. To qualify to apply for a student immigrant visa, you must have a students visa sponsorship by a US permanent resident, or a U.S. citizen relative. Luckily for you, since your parents are already permanent residents, this should not be a problem.

Your parent/sponsor needs to file a petition with USCIS (dept of country security) for you to move here. They need to send documents like copies of the birth certificate, travel permit (all pages), naturalization certificate (if they were naturalized) and so forth. They will additionally need to send in a $420 check for the application. They should make sure they sign the forms or print them in black ink. Also, they should include a cover letter which should clearly describe what they are petitioning for, table of contents which lists everything in the packet. If they need extra space to clarify your case, they should attach a separate sheet and list the attachment on the cover sheet. The sheet should be signed and dated.

You and your parent/sponsor should each fill out a G-325A (biographic data) form. Likewise, fill the Form G-1145 to get e-notification (email). Contingent upon the case Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization) might be required. Wait for USCIS (Dept of Homeland Security) to process the application. Once approved, you will get a case number used to track the application.

Collect financial records (fee receipts from IRS), Collect different supporting documents, Submit evidence to the NVC. Spend another $325 for Immigrant Visa payment and $120 for AOS Fee Payment.

Complete Form DS-260 online (where including many other things, you, the immigrant certify that you are not a terrorist.)

Parent/Sponsor then gets a mail requesting rundown of documents including Form I-134, Affidavit of Support, and different other supporting pieces of evidence such tax reports (3 earlier years), Social security statements, copies of the travel permit, police clearance certificate for the planned migrant.

Wait for them to process the data you send.

If everything is great, you and your parents will get a mail with options for interview date and another rundown of documents to convey to the meeting. You will take your interview for the student US visa application, at your US consulate. Make sure you get the health clearance, vaccination, and general health checkup and fingerprinting. If you pass the interview, you will get a passport modified with US visa and a sealed visa package that will be opened by the immigration officer at the airport.

After that, book your flight ticket, pack your bags and fly. When you arrive, you will go through some other screening processes and then will be let go. Then you can apply for your social security number and fill the form I-485 to apply for permanent residence. Get your university admission and start studying.

Tad Fraziera year ago

The immigration student visa application is a long process. Unlike other visas, this one is detailed and drags or a very long time. Therefore, if you want to move ask your parents to start the process immediately. They should file a petition with the USCIS.

After your appeal is endorsed, The NVC performs visa pre-preprocessing, including gathering visa expenses, structures, and records from supports (solicitors) and foreigner visa applicant(s). Accordingly, it is imperative to wait for contact from the NVC for subsequent process directions before you pay any fees or present any forms of documents.

NVC will advise you when your case becomes current or is going to be current within the year and will ask you to continue with the process. Luckily, it's your parents who will be most involved with your visa process and not you. You will only be required to attend the interview and provide the necessary documents required by the homeland security department for visa processing.

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