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How do i tell my parents that i want to move in with my boyfriend and his family i would not have to pay rent of any bills like that?

Timothy Norman

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Blair Lewis on May 14, 2018

Response . \nWell not paying rent can sometimes be a good thing. However, when you are moving in a family that is not yours, you could say more about you to contribute for the home. This is important, because it seems that no matter how much they say that you don't have to pay rent or other household bills..., sooner or later, will come and it will be a problem. It's about showing independence. It would be appropriate to approach your family and talk about if this is really something that you feel you need to do.\nWhen becoming responsible, you should want to pay the bills and the rent. If you are the only one moving his family to avoid the payment of invoices. I suggest you rethink.

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