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How do I register to attend Educause this year?

Unfortunately, I have missed Educause in previous years because I did not know its dates. But I would like to register this time to attend Educause 2018. I work at a college and I think that this conference can be essential as it can improve the education that we provide these days.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on October 18, 2018

If you have not been able to attend the Educause meetings that have taken place previously, there is no problem because you will be able to catch up this year. This is an event that is open to higher education participants and technology experts or providers to expose their needs and offers in the context of a present time that relies more and more on technology for everyday activities. Even students and university or college staff that are not very familiar with technological developments can attend this event and discover how useful information technology can be for them in the teaching and learning process.

You can register easily to attend the meeting of this year that will occur on October 30-November 2 in Denver by visiting the 2018 Educause webpage (, by filling in the required data fields and paying the corresponding fee. This year the registration fee is $989.

Visitors can be people that work at higher education institutions and deal with technology. This means that everybody is welcome at this meeting since college and university faculty, as well as administrative staff, have to deal with technology every day in order to perform their daily work.

Experts in technological sciences can also come to give their opinion and advice on what is being done to improve higher education with the help of technology. Providers of online educational tools can participate to present their newest material.

The principal aim of these conferences is to create a space for debate between higher education participants and technological development companies that leads to achieve an improvement in the quality and reach of education. Although it is unquestionably true that the use of technology and educational software is already widely spread among students, this event focuses on the use and development of new technologies adapted to higher education demands.

Administrative software that can help staff do their work more efficiently and e-books and educational software that can help teachers keep up with the most recent information on their field are among the electronic tools that will be presented at this event.

Caroline Campbella year ago

I attend many conferences through the year as a professor. Most of them are about the different topics that are currently taught to our students. It is good to talk about new scientific findings and share different points of view on them. But this annual event is totally different. Technology and education might not be automatically linked yet, but I am sure that the future of education depends on technology. It will allow colleges and universities to give the most updated information to their students in an efficient and simple way. Communication between students and their university and also between educational institutions has already become easier thanks to technology. Educational centers located in places with financial difficulties can benefit from technology in different ways. Students can use online material to replace the cost of books and some of their courses could be taken online to reduce the cost of transportation.  

Roger Moorea year ago

I am glad there is an event as Educause every year because I love technology and I can only see advantages every time that I think about it in education. I started this year my college studies. I chose a college that has a website that is easy to navigate and that has a staff easy to contact online. Those were aspects very important to me. Fortunately, technology is becoming more and more important in education, at all the levels of the system. And events as Educause 2018 prove it. 

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