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How do I ready myself for a career personality quiz in a job interview?

I’m aware of personality test for jobs, so, I was not too surprised when my shortlisting on a job I had applied for came with the requirement of a career personality quiz. Securing this position is very important for me as it has been eight months of unsuccessful job seeking. I find that the Briggs personality test is too expensive and I would be interested in any suggestion of a free career assessment with free results. Does anyone know more about this quiz?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on August 16, 2018

Research has shown that adequately preparing for job personality tests have helped candidates score well. Therefore, if you follow the correct steps and be ready on the interview day, you have a very high chance of getting that job. Sadly, most applicants don’t know this as they prepare for their interviews.

These tests can narrow down on the list of qualified candidates for competitive job positions. They are beneficial for both you as the applicant and your potential employer. By matching your character traits to specific jobs, you’ll be reaping the satisfaction of working in a position you love while your employer will get benefit from your optimal performance.

The most efficient way to ace career personality quizzes is to:

Understand the job description and requirements
The employer uses personality testing to try and establish if your traits match the responsibilities of the position you are seeking. Therefore, evaluating the duties and tasks that come with the job can help you to answer the questions well.

Be as honest as possible
Don’t be untruthful in your answers or the recruiter might notice. Some companies even have ways of noting signs of dishonesty. Trust that your abilities are adequate and focus on portraying them in a more efficient way.

Take free career assessments with free results for practice
Practice with free personality tests online. You can find dozens of these online. The benefit of practice tests is that you get to familiarize yourself with possible questions. Once you know which kind of queries to prepare for, you can answer them more confidently.

Remember, there are no wrong or right answers
Don’t worry about making mistakes or because you haven’t done the Myer-Briggs personality test. Learn what the job requires and try to do your best.

Practice your English vocabulary
Rich and correct English vocabulary will help you project your answers in a way that your employer efficiently understands.

Understand the test’s instructions before you attempt any questions
Don’t rush into answering questions without a proper understanding of the test instructions. Many people make this mistake and in worst case scenario, compromise on the credibility of their feedback.

Be relaxed when answering the questions
Avoid getting agitated or angry with unfamiliar test questions. It’s human not to know everything. When you get annoyed, your future employer might worry about how you’re going to handle the pressures that come with the job.

Brian Warnera year ago

I do agree with this response. I want to say something about Briggs personality test. You don’t have to pay for the official test. I wouldn’t recommend you pay for MBTI unless you are pretty sure it is the test you want. Many people take this quiz because of its popularity. So, many end up having false expectations. I’m not saying it’s a lousy test. It helps you understand how you think that is how your mind responds to different situations.
You can try 16 Personalities which is a very similar free version of the paid test. Plus, you get the full results instantly. MBTI's extensive usage is because a lot of corporates and Fortune 500 Companies in the U.S use it in their recruitment.
There are lots of other free tests that may serve you well too. I would recommend options that appear on the first page of your Google search results. 

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