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How do I prepare for my exams when I have no motivation to study?

I have no motivation to sit down and study and I often get distracted. I’m worried because I don’t know how to gain motivation with very few days remaining to the exams and a lot of reading material that I haven’t covered. I’m looking for advice from anyone with experience on how to motivate yourself to study.

Any motivation tips that will help me focus will be highly appreciated.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 24, 2018

A lot of reasons may be contributing to you having no motivation to study for your exams. The study material may be boring, difficult or have a lot of content. Moreover, distractions such as television, phones and friends maybe taking up your time and energy hence you cannot accommodate studies in your schedule.

Here are some tips for motivation that have helped me study in the past:

  • Set realistic study goals.
    Set goals that you know you can achieve within a given time frame. Goals should be realistic to encourage rather than discouraging you. For example, you may aim to read a chapter of your study material during each study session. As you set your goals, think of the final achievement you will make when you accomplish them.
  • Prepare a study timetable and commit yourself to it.
    A good study timetable will help to motivate you to study. It should show the time for your study session, the subject you intend to study and the amount of work you intend to cover in that given time. Make sure you create regular short breaks that you will look forward to. You can pin your timetable on the wall above your study table for easy access.
  • Find an appropriate study area. If you cannot access a library, create a comfortable study room in your house that is free of noise and other distractions. If you choose to study early in the morning, make sure you clear the area where you will conduct your studies the night before. Set all your study materials on the table so that you do not waste time searching for them during the study session. Place your study table and chair facing the wall to avoid being distracted.
  • Identify and eliminate distractions. It is important to identify the things that distract you from studying so as to tackle them. Ensure you switch off your phone and computer to avoid disturbances from family and friends. Wear loose fitting clothing that will not make your body uncomfortable. However, avoid wearing too much clothing as you will feel too warm and probably fall asleep.
  • Reward your achievements. Treat yourself for your progress to gain motivation. Set aside rewards for each goal you achieve. This can be a snack, outing or something new to wear.
  • Start. Avoid procrastinating and just begin studying today. Procrastination steals your valuable time which later leads to regrets.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

This is such a simple and easy to follow guide on how to gain motivation. I would like to add a few points that I have found personally motivating in my studies to this list.

  • Mind your thoughts.
    The mind is very powerful and can be your biggest distraction. Try to replace idle thoughts with positive thoughts and things concerning your studies. I have also found that exercising or meditation helps to keep you mind alert and focused.
  • Create a study motivation board.
    This is basically a board that you create with written material or pictures that inspires you to study. Put everything that you think will encourage you to study on this board. You can place it in your study room.
  • Identify a study partner.
    Look for a study partner that you can form a positive competitive relationship with. This will make studying fun while encourage commitment and accountability.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

According to my observation, when a student says “I have no motivation to study,” there are two factors that combine to make studying for exams very hard and miserable for students. The first evil stems from the pressures associated with approaching examinations, and the notion that there is always a crushing amount of knowledge you have not yet received. Time is one aspect of our lives you can never have enough of. Secondly not knowing how to gain motivation for your studies will eventually lead you to lose valuable time. With the tips you have provided in your answer, I believe you can help many people manage their studies better.

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