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How do I pass a college placement test?

I have received an acceptance letter to a college I recently applied for. The institution requires that I sit for their college placement test. I had not known earlier that this would be necessary. I do not have much time to get ready therefore; I am worried that I might fail.

I have no idea what I should expect. All that is stated is that it will include an English assessment test and a college major assessment test. How do I ensure that I adequately prepare and do well in this test?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on March 1, 2018

Most colleges with shorter courses rely on college placement tests to assess the skills and abilities of their new students. Do not worry so much about failing; these tests’ main purpose is to know which level to place new entrants. It will likely look at the knowledge and skills you have already gained while in high school.

This test will likely examine:

  • Your numerical abilities. To test numerical reasoning students are subjected to a math assessment test.
  • English language proficiency. Testing is through English language assessment tests. Areas of testing include reading and writing.

Here are some tips to help you ace that test.

  • Take this test very seriously: as mentioned before, this helps to identify your aptitudes. Therefore, this is an assessment test for college major. Each college has a set number of times you can re-do this test. However, these chances are usually limited.
  • Study and practice areas that need polishing: study again to identify areas you have forgotten. There are many mock test online you can use for your practice. Practice as much as you can.
  • Look for information on the likely test questions: you can seek information on areas you need to prepare from the admissions office. This will help you not to waste valuable time on irrelevant areas.
  • Familiarize yourself with the venue: know in advance, where the test will take place. Ensure you arrive early and find a good place to sit. These test in most cases are computerized therefore arriving early to familiarize yourself is key.
  • Rest well the night before the test: do not stay up until late worrying about the test. Remember that a rested mind works best. If you go to the venue tired, you might not make it to the end of the test. Remember that these tests may take a lot of time.
  • Eat light and hydrate your body the morning of the test: do not eat a heavy meal the day of the test. You do not want to risk stomach upsets in the middle of the exam. However, take plenty of water at least an hour or two before the test.
  • Go through the answers you give thoroughly: take time to give and review the answers you give to test questions. This is important in minimizing errors in your work. However, if you do not know something, do not spend too much time trying to remember it.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Additional ways you can prepare for college placement tests:

  • Look for the appropriate study material: you can find many study and practice materials online. However, consult you college on what material to use.
  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable: I would go for loose fitting clothes that neither too light nor too heavy. However, check the weather and time of day the test takes place to decide on warm or light clothing.
  • Read and understand the instructions: note that each section of the test may have separate instruction. Read and understand them before you attempt to answer the questions.
  • Be time-conscious: the test may or may not have time restrictions. Ensure that you’re able to adjust to either situation. If a section is free of time restriction, spend adequate time reviewing your answer before submission. However, when time doesn’t allow, ensure you first answer is as accurate as possible.

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