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How do I overcome the fear I have for final exam?

I have final A level exams in two days that I haven’t studied for. I don’t feel well-prepared to handle the papers. My parents are excited that after the final exam am going to finally get out of high school. They have this big dream of me going to college, getting a good job and the stuff. It’s like they’ve already planned out my life. These expectations are wearing me down. What if I fail and disappoint them?  What if I don’t even make it to college? I feel the pressure to do well; yet I am afraid of sitting for the exam. What can I do to overcome this fear and face the final exams? Will a mock exam help?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Bethany Evans on January 3, 2018

I know how this feels. I had the same familial pressure to excel in studies. I almost gave up on school when my final exam at A level was around the corner. I even wrote a letter to my parents explaining that they expected too much from me which I couldn’t give. That I would drop out and resume schooling when I am ready. Then I realized that succumbing to fear is the worst thing I could ever do. If I ran away from an exam at the finals, how could I handle the ups and down of life? It took me some time, but I overcame it. Me, I was there, yet here I am somewhat more established than my schoolmates. You can make it. Never surrender.

Two days are enough to remove exam fear. At least you have more than 24 hours to prepare for them. Do some rush studies through the subjects. When studying concentrate in a specific order: a) definitely b) most likely c) maybe. Don’t simply begin from the beginning of your notes and try to take in everything. Think about what you are sure will appear on the paper. Your teacher must have emphasized the topics. Review them. The move to what you believe may come, then to the topics that are kind of unlikely. That way, even if the time is limited, you’ll know that you have the basics nailed.

Practice positive self-talk as you get ready for the test. From your question, you are already affirming that you will fail; which is not proven yet. That negative mindset is what is catalyzing your fear. Form a positive mantra to encourage you. Rehash an expression, for example, "I simply need to give a valiant effort," or "I will be set up for this test." If the fear becomes too much, advice yourself that you’ve been attending the classes, and you are not blacked out completely. This positivity removes the tension from your brain and makes you relax enough to go through the materials.

Try out some mock online exams. Look up for previous papers in the subjects and sit through them. Make sure to self-time yourself, just as you would in the real exam and see how you score. For the questions you failed, look up answers and go through the whole topic.

Continuously remember, there is nothing wrong with fearing the paper; the mistake is to keep on being afraid.

Kurt Pricea year ago

Sure. Exam fevers and anxiety are common to students, especially if they were not well-prepared for the paper. What they need to know is that the tension increases their chances of failing in the final exams. Unwinding activities like the gym and workouts could be of help. Also, using the self-positive statements work great too. They remove the negative mindset and give you the confidence to face their papers head on. It’s not like they don’t know anything. As long they’ve been attending classes they have something in mind. They just have to refresh their memories through online practice tests and notes. Exercise and physical movement are awesome approaches to lessen uneasiness. Physical movement discharges endorphins that will lift their state of mind. It will likewise divert their psyche from the test and study, so your brain will have an opportunity to unwind and recharge itself. Any number of physical exercises will have a gainful effect on their fear.

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

I think that we should focus on our own goals when we study for our final exam. It’s not our parents who will go to college to study for us. It’s our life and we shouldn’t be nervous because of the expectations of anybody else. We study to have a good professional life in the future, and anyway it’s ok if we fail, because the next time that we take the exam, we’ll do fine. Just be sure to read all your notes and think of the bright future that waits for you after the A level exams.  

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