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How do I lift my internal motivation to push through with studies?

I am in my final year of study. However, I find myself surprised that the closer I get to the finish line, the lazier I become with my studies. I have no internal motivation to study, not even for my fave subjects. I know about intrinsic extrinsic motivation, but for me, it seems that external motivation works better, although as of late it is also failing on me. Yes, there’s pressure to work hard, excel, but lately, I don’t even seem to care. All I think about is “What the heck, just a few more months to go.”

What can I do to increase motivation to study? I wouldn’t want to fail in my final year.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 5, 2018

Studying for your final year is usually a challenge. By then, all you see is getting it all done and putting it behind you. After all, you have been studying for the past years, right? But that’s where you go wrong. Your final year should be the year you put in your best effort, pull in all you got. This is where intrinsic and extrinsic motivations come in.

Usually, I simply love to spruce up my internal motivations by reading motivational books or looking at motivational pictures. Accordingly, I trust the outside wellsprings of motivation have a high impact on myself. Then again, I have likewise come to understand that it takes certain procedures inside the person to get roused. In case I'm not persuaded to do anything by any means, and in case I'm not willing to change that, I believe that no external inspiration can help. Likewise, I am very mindful of the intense motivation that can originate from inside oneself, in the event that one truly has an objective or something comparative that persuades.

In these cases, when I am roused from deep inside, at that point I don't require any sort of outside inspiration.  To increase your motivation from deep within you, set a mastery objective, instead of a performance objective. Strive to master the content so you can apply it in any scenario rather than studying for performance. Performance study is overwhelming and can cause anxiety and stress. However, when you focus on gaining the content, then you cannot fail to apply it in your examinations.

Make your own personalized study environment. Study like you are teaching yourself to do something. Be your own teacher. When you are engaged in your own learning, you naturally get motivated.

Focus on your activities, not your personality. Don’t think of yourself as a failing mastermind. Don’t expect yourself to be a genius because you are finishing. Compliment yourself on every trial. As you practice questions or evaluate yourself, don’t get worked up with the information. Tell yourself that you are trying. You have the idea. You only need to conceptualize the idea. This makes you naturally motivated to study.

Set your objectives. Research has demonstrated that when you set an objective for yourself, you experience a lift in self-viability. Know what you want to achieve in your final year. Is your goal only to finish school? Or do you want to finish school with a better evaluation? Finishing school and performing better, which is your objective?

Charles McAleara year ago

Internal motivation is a behavior that is driven by internal rewards. Internal motivation is important in educational success. In order to increase motivation to study, it might be essential to consider evaluating yourself and determine what motivates you taking that particular course. Perhaps, coming to realize what inspires you may bring you more energy to deliver on the course. Additionally, it will be helpful to set personal goals concerning your area of study and strive to achieve those goals.

Wilson Hansena year ago

It was also so hard for me to complete my final year. I had no internal motivation to study. Luckily, I had begun college with a lot of zeal, and my transcripts showed super grades. So, in the final year, I didn’t have to work my head off to recover my grades. I only had to make sure I didn’t go below the threshold.

Set high but realistic goals. Well, you are finishing school, and your parents want you to excel. First, evaluate how you have been performing in the previous years. Have you been doing well, or were you still a lazy bone? If your past grades are exemplary, they will influence your final GPA. For this, just strive to make sure that you don’t fail. But if your performance has been poor overall, then you just have to buckle down. This is the only chance you got. Looking at it this way, you will find that you slowly develop the motivation to study.

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