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How do i know what i should be when you finish high school?

Tara Andrews

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1 answer

Nicholas Rivera on February 27, 2018

After high school, I most def want to go to college, but I not only want to do that I want to be able to be a cardiology doctor, or work for nasa in their space program. I know the chances are slim of be my number 1 choice of a cardiology doctor, but I'm trying to do everything that I can be. I am signing up for a camp that has to do with inner health and I chose the special service (disability with the heart) ←- cardiology . My mission statement to achieve this goal is to finish high school knowing that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want the 40% of my salary goes to cancer research funds… to the day of today I have raised over 850 and gave 300 to my school, and 550 for a special of cancer the person. You maybe saying OMG THIS GUY IS DUMB, WHY waste the MONEY OR give ME THAT MONEY don'T throw it away. If I am helping to find a cure for *someone special* and all over the world with the topic of cancer, I'm going to feel good, and I would like to 100% instead of feel good on the inside that to be a big shot and have a lot of money. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE !

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