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How do I know that free online history courses are right for me?

I need an internet course but I am not sure if the modern online class will suit me. I really love history. I would like to enroll in the online history classes but I have no clue how this works. The flexibility of these online classes is what I need at the moment.  My sister told me such courses are quite expensive and I cannot afford them, but can I get free online history courses? Anyone who knows more information about it help me, please!

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on April 20, 2018

Online classes can easily fit any lifestyle; the unemployed, those in full-time jobs, high school graduates and even stay-at-home parents.  Today, education is changing and many courses are available on the digital platform. Technology has made it easier for colleges and universities to offer internet courses to reach the growing demand of distant learners. The enrolment numbers are on the rise because of the convenience, accessibility and improved quality. Now you can get history classes online like many other subjects. You can also get free history courses online from top universities in the world. What you need to ask yourself is:

  • Do you enjoy working on the computer? Distance education entails spending hours on the computer to listen to lectures, send and receive an email to and from an instructor, and work on quizzes and projects.  If you don’t enjoy being on the internet and using your computer, then this is not the way to go.
  • Are you comfortable learning outside a classroom setting? Online classes are 100% virtual; none of the work can be completed at any time in a traditional classroom setting.  If you feel that you can only absorb information sitting in a classroom then it will be so hard for you to learn using your computer. Online education will not work best for the less attentive students, you need to remain focused and always turn your assignments on time to succeed.
  • Do you enjoy working alone? If yes, the web learning suits you. If you struggle to get work done when you’re alone, then this could be the biggest hindrance to your success in online classes.  If you are serious about your studies, you can always remain self-motivated. You have a chance to create discussion groups with your classmates on the web to help each other during difficulties.

Here are some history courses you can enroll:

  • African-American History: Modern Struggle- Stanford University
  • American Economic History- UC Berkeley
  • Ancient Greek History- Yale
  • China: Traditions And Transformations- Harvard
  • History Of New York City: A Social History- NYU
  • World War And Society In The 20th Century: World War II- Harvard
  • Understand terrorism and terrorist threat- the University of Maryland
  • World war 1: Paris 1919- a new world order?- the University of Glasgow
  • Changing faces of heroism- the University of Leeds

For a complete lineup of the online courses visit free online courses. Enroll today and get started for free.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Distance learning is the most convenient way of studying in the modern world.  What you only need to do is to remain focused and you will definitely make it. I have completed quite a number of free history courses online, I began with a course on World War I from the University of Glasgow, then I moved to World War II, currently, I enrolled in the course Understand Terrorism and Terrorist Threat at the University of Maryland. History is indeed an interesting subject and free online courses have enabled me to understand it deeply. When searching for an online class, look for a school that has been accredited by the government agency. Search the U.S department of education database of accredited postsecondary institutions and programs.  Through these databases, you can get the legit online schools, make an informed choice and begin your online classes.  Success belongs to those who are focused.

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