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How do I go about graduate school search?

I want to commence my school application next fall. However, the main challenge that I am facing is that I do not know how to start my graduate school search. How should I contact the schools I am interested in joining?

Sometimes I feel like I should join medical school. How can I choose the best medical school? What if I were to join a law school, how can I identify the best majors for law school? My parents are telling me that I should study education and then get one of those independent school jobs—at least that is what my cousin did. What do you think?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on February 2, 2018

There is no single way of doing graduate school searches. You can search on, or any search engine such as yahoo, google, and bing among others. Alternatively, establish the existence of a professional society. In these professional societies, you will find a listing of graduate programs. If you are still confused and do not know to go about it, you can talk with your advisors.

When searching for a graduate school to join, there some important factors that you should consider. When searching online, identify the best medical schools that offer the course that you are interested in. In your search, you can include the term “ranking” for you to see how the schools are ranked based on various factors. Other variables you can use to identify your preferred school are cost and geography among others. You can then visit the websites of different schools to learn more about their admission requirements (and find out whether you will be accepted), students, and life experiences.

If you want to identify the best majors for law schools or any other study, you should consider two critical factors: research faculty and money. The best school is always the one with a widely published faculty and an international reputation for the given course. A graduate school is different from an undergraduate one in that you must know what you want to study and there is no opportunity to find out as you go on. Consequently, the school’s research interests and yours must match. You must identify the department that deals with your research.

After applying to several schools, the next factor that can help identify the best one is money. The general rule used here is “follow the money.” If several schools have accepted your application, you compare the ranking of the programs and the financial support you will enjoy. If one of the programs is highly ranked and has little or no support and the one below it comes with support, always opt for the second one.

If you want to pursue law and are wondering what the best majors are, here is free advice. Despite identifying what you want to do in life, diversify your experience. Learn new things not related to what you want to pursue. All majors are not the same. Choose a major that you have interest in and one that will help you get high grades. If you are not too sure about what you want to do in graduate school, you can choose the option your parents are suggesting and get a nice independent school job afterwards.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

When deciding on the best medical school or other graduate school for you, I would recommend using a combination of approaches. You can do internet research while also relying on other sources like your advisor and close friends. Besides, identifying the part of the country that you want to go to for pursuing your education is very crucial. Search for a rank in the schools in that region. Then look at other things that you feel are important to you to find out which school is the best for you. Identifying your interests is also important. You can easily be rejected from your preferred school due to “lack of fit.” In my case, one thing that helped me was that I had a helpful advisor. I had a good relationship with him and engaged him in almost everything I was doing. I would do my research beforehand and then go and ask for his opinion. My closeness and collaboration with my advisor played a significant role in my education.

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