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How do I go about buying college textbooks?

I am about to start my first year in college soon. I have one problem in that I have not yet decided on how I will buy my college textbooks. My friend told me that I could buy the books in advance before joining college. I need various business textbooks since I am taking a business course. Which books should I buy? I would like a reply from someone who has had such an experience before. How did you handle the situation? Besides, do I need a how to learn book? Your response will be highly appreciated.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on February 9, 2018

If there is one mistake that I made in my first year in college was buying textbooks before the start of classes. I can recall there was a very expensive college textbook that I bought before the beginning of classes. However, when the classes commenced, our professor recommended another cheaper book. I didn’t have much money, and I had to spend the little that I had to get another book. If you are joining college, don’t be in a hurry to buy textbooks. Wait until the classes begin and your professor tells you the books that you are going to use. You will not waste your money on a book that is not needed.

As far as the course you are doing is concerned, there are many books available. However, for every unit you will study in class, there is a specific business textbook that you will need. Don’t make the mistake of buying a book simply because it is said to be good for students taking business courses. The best thing is to buy a textbook that will cover all the topics required on a given subject. Consequently, you should only buy a book that your professor asks you to buy because that is what you will need. Most people make the mistake of buying any book related to their course and end up not using those books in their academic life. Resources are scarce, and you need to spend your money wisely. Wait until learning starts to be told the specific books that are needed.

College life is quite different from high school life. At college, you have more freedom hence you need to be disciplined to manage your time properly. Learning is also different as there is no one to keep pushing you to class. You are given a timetable, and it is up to you to decide whether to attend lectures or not. In addition, you might be an international student hence need to learn the English language. Due to these differences, you need to have several copies of how to learn books. Although these books are good, it is not interesting to read them. To eliminate the boredom associated with books, I would recommend audio language programs. A program like this one makes it easy for you to learn new words and pronunciations. They also introduce new words as you advance. To enhance learning, these programs use repetition very much. They are also not as expensive as books.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I also agree that buying books in advance is not advisable. However, when it comes to buying college textbooks, most university bookstores overprice their books. And although it is better to buy the books once your professor has verified them, identifying the best place to buy these books is equally important. One of the main challenges that new students face is that they don’t know where to get these books at a lower price. Consequently, they end up buying the books at high prices whereas they would have bought such books at lower prices elsewhere. Upon receiving a list of books that you should buy, research for other places that sell the books. You can buy these books at various stores outside the campus. Besides, online stores such as Amazon have most of these books and their prices are much lower. You should consider a place where you will get the book faster and at low prices. When buying these books, you just need to double check to ensure that you are buying the right books.

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