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How do I get to a Hangout Music Festival this year?

I’ve always wanted to attend Hangout Music Festival. Sadly, I’ve no chances before. This time, I’m determined to do everything to get there. The Hangout festival is full of cool musicians featuring many genres include all of my favorites. However, the main question is how do you get there? Where can you buy tickets, how much do they cost, and so on? Is there a Hangout lineup? I would really appreciate all information you can give me. Are there age restrictions to worry about?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on May 14, 2018

During the seven years of its existence, the festival hosted numerous famous bands and musicians of various genres. You are right—the music there is so diverse that anybody would be pleased to become a part of this fest. I’ve been to the event about three times already. Each visit, I found something new for me to listen and fell in love with my favorite bands once more. It is great that you’ve finally decided to visit Hangout Music Fest. This is an amazing event where you will find many friends.

As for the age restrictions, I believe that all people 18 and older are free to go. I think I’ve seen a few teens out there, but they probably should be accompanied by an adult. So, if you’ve already celebrated your sweet 18, you can easily buy a ticket and enter this amazing show. You can buy them on the official website: I hope you still get a ticket because the festival in so soon and there may not be any left. In the recent years, Hangout became so popular that about 40000 people visit each year. I’m sure how much tickets they have this year or if the number is limited at all, but you should really hurry—the event takes place on May, 18th.

General Hangout admission is $319 this year. Though it may seem that the price to too high, consider that the festival will be stretched for three days and you will see so many great artists there that the money will pay off quickly. In previous years, the price wasn’t low as well. However, I don’t regret my decision. VIPs are already sold out. But who needs VIPs when you can simply hang out with friends, party, and be a little crazy for the regular price?

Hangout festivals are usually a little bit crazy in general. So, take somebody with you and be careful.

I must admit that among all music festivals, I like this one the most. It usually invites my favorite bands and doesn’t disappoint me in anything else.

This year’s Hangout line-up is pretty impressive as well. The Killers? Yes! Foster the People? Yes! K. Flay? Hell, yeah! And many other artists await you this year on Gulf Shores! Hangout Music Festival 2018 is going to be awesome and you have to become a part of it. You just need to follow the link and buy your ticket online. 

Emily Alexander2 years ago

Yes, those people are great! I’m going to the fest this year as well. However, I’ve bought my ticket a long time ago. This is now my annual vacation when I turn off my phone and just enjoy good music that makes me happy.

Have you seen the who list of the Hangout fest 2018 lineup? There are so many people I would like to hear. I think that listening to them live is much better than watching their videos online. The sound is different, as well as the voices and their whole personality. I’m planning to get a few autographs as well.

Hangout Music Festival is really open for everybody. If you are not 18 yet, you still can come. But you need an adult 21+ to accompany you.

I’m still not sure you can buy tickets right now; you better call their support to check the information.  

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