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How do I get my mother to stop yelling at her grandchildren?

Annie Barnes

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James Washington on April 14, 2018

In the first place, you need to realize if your mother is having some kind of problem. No matter what the problem is, if she doesn't have anyone to talk to, not to build inside and for some strange reason that is never in front of that person could trigger. And one more reality of life here, it could be that your mother feels sad for not having anyone to talk to, or more good excuse older women have is," Menopause" just imagine what you all are going through when we reach a certain age a day, but when it comes to an older man you can call it "the middle of the life crisis" maybe once in a while you can talk with your mother and see how you are doing.... Response Regardless of the reason that you only need to say I insist that you stop yelling at my children . You need to set up other ways that you can get your attention when she needs to and you need to limit your time with your children, until you stop yelling. It is a life of misery for the children were screaming constantly. Affects their development, their relationship with the authority and diminishes their self-worth, to name just some of the problems that it can cause. Yelling is a terrible way to interact with other people. You need to take control of this situation and, if necessary, improve their own parenting skills and methods. (MORE)

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