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How do I get an honest private school review?

I’m a parent to a child who is about to start school. I’m very particular about the kind of school environment that my child will be exposed to. I studied in a public middle school and my school ranking was quite poor. I think that private school ratings are better than those for public schools.

However, some school reviews by parents have painted private schools in a bad light. I’m looking for a private school review that will give me insightful information to make a decision on where to educate my child.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on March 2, 2018

Reviews are known to be important as well as misleading in certain instances. Therefore, if you read too many reviews of a particular thing, you are bound to be confused. Remember, some of the negative comments are sometimes isolated cases. I am of the view that private schools’ ratings are higher than public schools. I will give honest positive and negative features to help you make a decision:


  • High-quality facilities.

Private schools boast of ample learning facilities as well as other non-educational utilities. The building, learning resources and recreational facilities are created to be of the highest quality.

  • A wide variety of noncurricular activities.

These schools offer numerous activities your child can participate in outside the classroom for an all-rounded development. This includes various sports, dance, clubs, music or drama.

  • Tailored to individual needs.

Private schools employ personalized teaching for their students. These students are able to work on weak areas with guidance from a friendly and committed academic staff. For this reason, their school ranking is usually high.

  • High level of discipline.

Most private schools instill high levels of discipline on students. These students are well behaved and hold high moral values. Moreover, most private schools require their students to be dressed well with most providing formal school uniform.

  • Well balanced food.

When you are paying a premium for your child’s education, your child also gets good meals at school. From private school reviews, you will find that they offer elaborate menus for students.

  • Secure and friendly environment.

Private schools are not usually crowded. This means that children are easily monitored and safe at all times.


  • Limited exposure and interactions.

Children who are educated in private schools only interact with children of similar economic status. Your child will not know the other side of the economic sphere. This may become a limitation when he/she becomes an adult and starts interacting with the rest of the population.

  • High cost.

You will pay a handsome fee to enroll your child in a private school. Be sure to vet the private school of your choice to guarantee value for your money. Some of these schools may not provide quality standards.

  • Competitiveness.

Private schools tend to be very competitive. Most students aim for top-notch careers and professions. This in turn breeds a lot of pressure. Private school reviews from parents have cited loneliness and depression being exhibited by some of their kids.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

I also agree that private schools are better in most ways than public school depending on the neighborhood. My advice to you is to consider the private school rating of the particular school you have in mind. Other factors you should consider are:

  • Your child’s needs: this refers to learning needs as well as other activities you may want them to participate in. Therefore, the school should be able to provide this.
  • The school’s physical location: if your child will not be boarding, the school you will enroll them should be close enough to your home or workplace.
  • The quality of teaching staff: the teachers and academic staff handling your child should be friendly, well trained and experienced.
  • The size of the classrooms: private schools tend to have small classes (<20) as compared to public schools. Fewer (but not too few) students are better to ensure that teaching is effective.

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