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How do I get a student visa?

My home country is the US, but I would like to study in Australia. I have heard good things about Australia, and I want to visit it as a student. I have already done my Bachelors at Columbia University, and I am looking forward to gaining Masters degree abroad. Many of my friends have successfully undertaken international studies abroad, and I will be happy to join them soon. Kindly advice on how and where I can get a student visa that can allow me to get part-time employment and study at the same time. I need to cater to my upkeep and pay tuition while abroad that is if I will not get a full scholarship.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on October 29, 2018

To study abroad as an international student, you must obtain a Student’s Visa from the embassy. Before you acquire a visa, make sure it will allow you to work in the country you intend to undertake your studies. Choose a visa that will enable you to work for 40 hours every 2 weeks in session and unlimited hours during course breaks. The money you will earn will be enough for your living and can even be more to pay for tuition. Learn more about Australia Visa at the Department of Home Affairs Official Website.

Studying in Australia is fun and comes with opportunities. The universities in Australia are much cheaper as compared to US universities. Tuition fee in Australia is around $20,000 to $24,000 in a year for international students depending on the location of the university. Universities located in big cities charge higher than those that are away from the cities because of the high demand.

The 10 cheapest universities for international students in Australia are:

  • Victoria University in Melbourne
  • Flinders University in Adelaide
  • Western Sydney University in Sydney
  • The University Of Canberra in Canberra
  • The University Of New England Located inArmidale
  • Southern Cross University in Lismore
  • The University Of The Sunshine Coast Located in The Sunshine Coast
  • Charles Darwin University Located in Darwin
  • The University Of Southern Queensland Located in Toowoomba
  • Australian Catholic University in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra

The US has quite a number of scholarships for students wishing to study abroad. Any American student willing to get an education overseas but face financial constraint can apply for the following scholarships:

  • Fulbright scholarship – this is the largest US international exchange program that offers an opportunity for scholars, professionals and students to undertake international studies, advanced research, and exchange programs worldwide.
  • The association of commonwealth universities- this is a website with a collection of scholarships from governments, World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, World Health Organization, Rotary International, United Nations, Asian Development Bank and many other organizations. Beneficiaries are commonwealth postgraduate students.
  • Institute for International Education (IIE) scholarship- for graduates wishing to study abroad and those who wish to undertake further research abroad.
  • Woodrow Wilson national fellowship foundation Charlotte. Newcomb doctoral dissertation fellowships – for students wishing to undertake an ethical or religious study.
  • American Australia association – awards a scholarship of up to $US 25,000 yearly for US-Australia program. The scholarship is intended to strengthen the economic and social relations between the US and Australia.


Brian Warner2 years ago

I am not in full support of international studies abroad especially for students who are still young. I believe that it is good to live with your children until they complete their Bachelor's degree. We have the best universities within our home country, and we need to support our education. The tuition fee in our universities is much similar and even cheaper when compared to universities abroad, why must we incur more expenses yet we can get a quality education in our universities? I urge parents to support universities and colleges within their own countries because we cannot afford to take every child abroad. The government needs to subsidize university fee in our local universities so that every student can afford a university education. Students who successfully get scholarships to study abroad must be encouraged to come back and work in their own countries. Support the country, support the coming generation!  

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