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How do I deal with my lack of motivation to study?

I need to study yet I’m finding that it’s hard to spur myself to do so. I know if I begin studying a few days before my exams I won’t get high grades. I need to start now. But, the issue is, I am greatly influenced by lack of motivation. Notwithstanding when I get a book to read, my eyes will be stuck to the words, but my head will be a hundred miles away. I don't generally get anything. I'd rather do something different that study. Recently I took a motivation assessment and hit way beneath the line. Anybody here got any tips on self-motivation? Or perhaps social motivation? Thanks.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on March 6, 2018

I keep asking myself, “What do I do with this motivation lack?”  However, what I found out is that the real answer is that motivation goes both ways. One day you wake up feeling aroused to crack on, adhering to your wonderfully created study schedule. Another day, you don’t even want to get out of bed let alone look at a book.

First, what you need to acknowledge is that it is OK not to feel great and in charge the entire time.

Much like running, studying requires an interior concentration and a "fire in the paunch." This fire energizes the energy and motivation to continue onward, in spite of self-question, overpowering difficulties, or weakness.

If procuring a school or propelled degree were simple, everybody would have various degrees, much the same as everybody would have twelve street race awards holding tight their divider if running were simple. This fire is what pushes people to go for things that seem hard to achieve.

Since you definitely realize that early planning is vital to decent performance, then you ought to be part of the motivation to study. It helps to think of the positive outcomes that result from the hard study. Good grades, good certifications, better jobs, better life. It goes that way.

Likewise, remember what you gain immediately. If you study now, the lesser chances of stressing yourself to death during exam time. Focus on such positivities, and you will find yourself burrowing in books.

If you have any kind of future objective/aspiration use that a something to motivate yourself.

Tell yourself that buckling down and ideally getting decent grades will get you nearer to whatever your objective is.

Mostly it's beginning studying that I find hard, once you are into revising it's alright, yet it's continuously challenging to take the first step. I tell myself that once I begin, the revisions will become less and less, and the sooner I begin, the sooner I can wrap up. You can start by finding some social motivations from your friends.

Again, don’t just rely on motivation. Motivation assessments are great, but it's not the only side to better grades.

The best guidance I can give keeping in mind the end goal to get yourself "propelled" to study is to not depend on motivation by any means! Rather, form the habit of studying.

Actually, motivation is an impermanent guide (as we've recently observed) that can truly help for the time being (as we'll get onto in a moment). However, that is no place close as capable as a habit in guaranteeing you study hard without stopping for even a minute.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

That is so true. I discover the busier I am, the more work I complete! Individuals believe I'm insane having cooking classes at least four evenings per week, over shows and rivalries and additional rehearsals, etc. However, the thing is, I can check out more work done in a furious schedule than if I had an entire day to do my work - I'd lounge around and do nothing and complete significantly less. Back to the lack of motivation question, I think you simply need to ask yourself for what good reason you need these grades and what they will mean to you. I'm a genuinely self-spurred individual and the thing, for me, that influenced me to begin working at the school was work understanding. It occurred to me that you just get one shot at these evaluations and after that, you live with them for whatever is left of your life, and I despised the position I had so much I needed to endeavor to guarantee I did well so I could have more alternatives with what I needed to do.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

During the exam period, many students find themselves lacking the motivation to study. This might be an ordinary experience; however, it might have a detrimental outcome on the performance of the student, and hence student should find effective ways of addressing such a challenge as quickly as possible.  First, it is essential for the student to acknowledge that some days they are likely to feel highly motivated as some days they might be low. Even though motivation assessments can be helpful, they are not such useful tools; students, therefore, can consider seeking social motivation through their peers and friends. This may include forming study groups. 

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