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How do I cope with poor law school grades?

My law school grades have not been commendable since I have joined the school of law and this has affected my self-esteem. How can I deal with this issue and ensure that when the next grading is done, I will be ranked higher than most of my classmates? How is the school grading system operated to ensure that every student gets the grades he deserves? I do not want to lose my chance when a potential employer will check school grades and feel that I cannot work well. How can I relate to my fellow students having acquired such low grades in law school?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on July 30, 2018

A person who gets poor grades in a law school may feel as though he does not deserve to be in law school. He may even lose his self-esteem when a lecturer brings in the results and everyone else has a better law school grade than you. Below are ways you can deal with this issue to help you move on and ensure that you get a better place in the school grading systems in the future:

Stay calm: you should never lose your composure even when you realize that your results are not as you had anticipated. Failure to get good results makes people lose their self-control and some may even indulge in destructive activities like taking alcohol to forget about it.

Do not discuss your grades with your classmates as this can make you feel inferior and make you get jealous of the brighter student which will not in any way change your score.

If the school allows it, ask your lecturer to give you the exam paper and go through them thoroughly: go to your lecturer and ask him to give you a chance to look at the paper again to see what you would have done to get better law school scores.

Take positively any comment your lecturer may have written on the paper and work for better results in the next exam.

Talk to your professor: make an effort to talk to the professor who marked the exam and request him to go through the exam with you. This will give him a chance to inform you the weakness that made you rank low in the exam. When you check the school grades together with a person who doesn’t judge, you will see an improvement in the future.

Do not get involved in activities that are not helping you get better grades: if in the past exams you always studied on your own without participating in group discussions, change. Join existing groups and learn together with them and when you get to your room, make note of what was discussed and in the process, you will realize that you will never forget it.

Get help: If you feel that you are not getting it right despite all the efforts you are making, talk to a person who scores better grades and ask him to explain what you do not understand. You will be amazed at how fast you will get a point when it is explained by a person you are taking the same course with.

Karen Wright9 months ago

I always advise my students to check themselves as though they were the examiners. It is good to ask yourself how your law school grades got so low and seek to know what went wrong. Compare your current test results with the results from past exams and see if this is an isolated case or a trend where you are always the last one in the school grading system. You will not want to have a downward carve where your grades are getting poorer as you advance in your studies. If there are activities you are involved in that are making you lose your concentration in class, look for ways to avoid them. Most of the time, poor grades are not as a result of an accident, neither it is an indication that you are not a smart student. Admitting that you need help to improve your grades in law school is the first step to stepping out of the bad grades in law school and get a better ranking in the future. It is never too late to make positive changes; you have the key to your success in law school.


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