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How do I benefit by studying online and are there online courses with certificates?

I am contemplating joining an online course since I hardly find time for anything else other than my job.  Where do I find online courses with certificates and what are the costs or requirements that I need to fulfil? I hear there are many benefits to studying online; what are some of the benefits of online learning? If there are any distance learning universities offering online courses, kindly enlighten me. Am checking the internet but am confused between purely online websites and universities offering distant learning courses.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on February 28, 2018

Open university is a public university where distant learning university courses are offered as well as the carrying out of research. Studying for a certificate at the Open University gives the learner the opportunity to get educated at the university level while ridding themselves the commitment that comes with a degree or diploma course. Certificates at Open University are focused on specific studies, professions or jobs. They offer certs for higher learning in health sciences, natural & social sciences, teaching and computing. Under Open University’s system of credit, the units earned during a study period can be made use of in different studies in the institution. Open University is among the world’ top institutions in distant learning. Most students choose them due to their undisputed value, quality and flexibility.

At Oxford Home Study College, you get to access some of United Kingdom’s best and hundred percent free online training with certificates. To try and address your issue about difference between websites and physical institutions, Oxford Home Study College is largely online. With no charge at all and no requirements for entry, those interested in furthering their education have the amazing chance to study their courses of choice at home. Their online programs with certs are structured to be understood by the average person and to be largely beneficial to the learner. If you are looking at enhancing your knowledge, exploring a new field or are daring to change your career, oxford home study will take you there. Their courses are open to all irrespective of one’s background in education, location, or age. Some of the course with a certificate after completion include a course in PR, HRM course, event management, fashion designing, tourism and travel, internet marketing, customer service course among many others.

Brentwood is another example of those institutions where most if not all of learning happens online. The institution has recently announced a collection of a hundred percent free courses structured for studying at home. Without parting with any money, the website offers students from all parts of the globe a chance to take various subjects. They just decided that education doesn’t have to be expensive and sometimes unaffordable and they started offering free online certificates after completion of courses. They will help you in completing your chosen course and provide necessary material at no cost. They assist those interested in CV enhancement, bettering careers, and those interested in starting businesses. I have covered several institutions of online learning, so kindly allow me to leave the advantages of online learning to someone else.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I will complement your good response by addressing the advantages of online learning. To start with, online learning offers a variety of courses and programs than the traditional 4-year university education; there are a variety of options for students. With online learning, there is lower total cost -the programs are by far affordable than traditional institutions. There’s usually no textbooks required since most material is provided online. Secondly there are no costs for commuting since one studies from home. While normal students will have to struggle with traffic, leaving work early and finding parking spaces, the online student can participate in a class when in pyjamas. One doesn’t need to miss important family time so as to go to class. One doesn’t have to go to the library; a lot of material is available online. Lastly one studies at their most convenient time since one can plan their day as it suits them best.

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