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How do I apply for a USA international student visa?

I just finished my GCSE. I have been thinking of going for further studies in the USA. My father’s family wants me to relocate to the US and complete my studies from there. I will be staying with them as I study. I just wanted to know how to apply for student visa in USA. In addition to that, can I also get a student work visa so I can support myself? What is the process of getting a student visitor visa? Am I likely to get it, or should I just forget about it?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on January 31, 2018

 Applying for a student visa in the USA is not very complicated. While I was trying to get my international students visa, I first needed to verify that I could support myself throughout my stay. For you, if your father's family is prepared and in a position to support you, that's fine. It will not be so difficult to get in. Also, about the work visa for students, there's a restriction. You can only just use it to work on-campus jobs, or if you demonstrate a severe economic hardship case.

First, I had been accepted at Cornell which is SEVP (Scholar and Exchange Visitor Program) approved. So, unless you have secured an area within a SEVP approved university, you cannot make an application for college student F-1 visa.

After you're accepted, you'll need to cover the SEVIS I-901 cost. Since mine was an F visa, I paid $200. This cost is different from your visa fees and any SEVIS supervision fees. Afterwards, you need to present this form at your F-1 visa interview.

Then, you'll complete your visitor student visa application. You can pay a non-refundable application fee. For me, I completed the application form via an online version available. Ensure that you complete and print Form DS-160 so you can use it to schedule your interview. If you're under 13, or over 80, you won't have to take the interview. But anything in between, you must.

You have to plan a meeting with your USA office. Guarantee that you bring each one of the best possible reports to your meeting: a legit international ID, Form DS-160, the receipt of the application expense, a passport photo, and in addition your Form I-20. It's additionally advisable to bring your scholastic transcripts, recognitions, affirmations, test results, ie, your GCSE, evidence of your ability to support yourself, and affirmation that you expect to leave the U.S. at whatever point your studies are finished. You may be required to undertake fingerprinting too, and you'll have to pay a visa issuance charge. They will let you know when you will get your visa and your passport back.

You may well not get a decision identifying with your undergrad visa on the day you appear for a meeting as further administrative investigations should be completed. It's advised to hold back until when you get a confirmation that your visa application has gone through before organizing and spending cash on plane tickets or settlement, since if it's is declined you may not exactly be
able to get your money back.

Leigh Manna year ago

If you're seeking to come to America as a student, you should comprehend that you need to prove that you will be in a position to financially support yourself through school. During this time, you are restricted regarding employment options. There is much exclusion (such as specific on-campus careers and incredibly limited work off campus) for work. USCIS identifies this as self-supporting, which will require a student work visa.

The following will be the steps for USA university student visa program process.

- The online form should be completed, and the print out must be posted to the consulate. Be sure to upload an image while completing the application form.

- Schedule an appointment at a US embassy or consulate in your country.

- Wait time for interview visits varies predicated on visa category, location and season. So, it's advisable to apply early on and plan the interview.

- Gather the required documents.

- Finally, go to a visa interview and wait for feedback.

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