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How do I apply for a Stanford online degree?

I did my first degree at the University of Chicago, and after working for some years, I have decided to get a Stanford online degree for my Masters. What prompted me to prefer taking online classes is the nature of my job and the financial constrain. I have two children in high school and one in college. Therefore, this bars me from taking ordinary classes. Further, my job entails frequent traveling. I, therefore, intend to study as I work. A friend told me that Stanford ranks as one of the best distance learning colleges. I need someone to convince me that Stanford offers the best online education. However, this is the first time I’m taking an online course. Can someone help me understand the application process and criteria?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 19, 2018

I can also confirm that Stanford’s online degrees rank highly internationally. All their online degrees are accredited. Their rigorous curriculum challenges students to study hard, be creative, think and argue critically. So if you are thinking of applying for an online degree, Stanford will give you quality skills that will make you competitive internationally. Apart from ordinary classes, Stanford provides extra-curricular activities for their students. For instance, they organize for rigorous internships for their students and nurture talents. In addition, their interactive and supportive environment fosters independence and the character of team work.

Another thing that makes Stanford one of the best distance learning college and a better choice for many is that they draw strength from students, teachers and their environment. Most of their instructors are professors who are passionate about giving the best to their students in distinctive online environments. When admitting students, Stanford only selects applicants whose qualifications indicate that they can benefit from their distinctive online curriculum and give back to the community. They, thus, select applicants who are all round; those who are good both in and outside the classroom. So, if you want to be a beneficiary of one of the best online education programs, I can advise you to explore the OHS on their website. Here, you will find how they operate with their supportive staff, expert instructions and also their global student community. For you to begin your application, it is important first to know the information they look for during admission.

First, the admission panel checks whether you have met the admission criteria, followed all the application procedures and testing data. When selecting students for online classes, the admission panel looks at the academic ability, personal qualities, non-discrimination statement and personal motivation statement. The reason why non-discrimination statement is a prerequisite is that they admit students of all races, nationality, sex, age and the disabled. So, their online admission criteria is highly competitive. Secondly, the panel also checks which program suits you best. Therefore, registering your interest to take an online class doesn’t guarantee that you will straight away get an admission. Thirdly, the admission board also reviews your tuition and financial aid information. In this section, they scrutinize whether you are able to cover the tuition fee and stipend. If you are on a scholarship, they check its duration and what it covers. If you are a self-sponsored student, you have to show your bank statement or any other proof that you can comfortably pay the due amount.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I totally agree with you that Stanford’s online degrees are competitive globally. I am an alumni of this university, and I can lend you a helping hand with your application. The application procedure is very simple. The first step is to visit and set up your student account. Just click the log in button and sign in with your student id. Pick your username. When creating a username, ensure that your professor and peers will be able to use and see this username when you post questions or comments in the discussion forum. After creating your account, go to the course about page URL given to you by your professor. Then, click the register button to join the course. However, if your instructor added you manually, you can skip this step. Then the course you have selected will be displayed in your dashboard. Click a course title and enter it. Finally, go to the courseware tab to begin viewing learning materials. That is the procedure I followed when I was registering for my course. If there are any changes, you can contact a university administrator.

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