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How do I act on my crush on the foreign exchange student?

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Cynthia Baker on May 2, 2019

Not to act in this situation. There can be only two outcomes in this case. The most likely result will be that even come close to this student. If your name is Adres, is 16, is from Mexico, only lives 2 hours away from Texas, the folds of his shirt with his fancy brown cow leather belt, loves fashion, and is the number one quarterback in all of Mexico, then you most likely have no shot. Approximately 86.391% of the things he says that are not true. I mean, come on, where is football played in Mexico. The other result of this situation is to really succeed in the search for and procurement of this handsome male Mexican trophy husband. But this is very rare. Anyway, I'd give it a .03000586% chance of working the way you want to with this student. So good luck with that and have fun.

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