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How do get postgraduate funding?

I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree now and want to go for the master’s. However, I hardly see it possible for myself. I like studying more than anything. But my financial situation is bad right now and I’m not sure I can afford the postgraduate funding myself. Even working over summers and having a part-time job, I can barely make the ends meet, not mentioning the lack of time for studying. I’m looking for some student finance postgraduate contact to help me get my degree. There are many fees that have to be paid: tuition, student services, books, food, and the accommodation expenses. With so many things to look after, some uni funding would be appreciated. Can you advise me any postgraduate bursaries to apply for? A student scholarship is everything I need to follow my dream.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on February 9, 2018

I completely understand your worries. I was in a similar situation a few years ago as well. The costs were so great that all my savings had to go. While the tuition expenses are constantly growing, the government funding is decreasing. The officials offer less and less uni fundings to help the struggling students. In addition, if you are working somewhere, you have to take a career break and lose even more money. Fortunately, many universities still offer scholarships.

As you may already know, you have to apply for a postgraduate bursary by spring if the semester begins in the fall. When looking for a scholarship, I advise you to visit your own university’s administration and ask them about possible funding. They probably have some options to offer you. In addition, you can search it online if you don’t know where to go. You can apply for the postgraduate funding from your computer as well.

Remember that there are many criteria for the students. If you don’t qualify for at least one of them, then look for another option. Discuss the past and future research plans that you are pursuing—this will help you get the attention of the council.

If your alma mater has nothing to offer, ask them about a teaching assistantship. It’s a common practice to hire top students as teachers’ assistances in exchange for some postgraduate bursary. There may be a few sources of funding in this case: the university’s department, a third party interested in the development of the field, or the actual research budget of your supervisor. Such students finance postgraduate contact requires the student to carry out either some teaching chores or research.  

The last option I can suggest to you is looking for an interested organization that targets specifically your field of studies. There are various charities and trusts that are eager to help students in need. You can even secure the help from various organizations. To get the grant, focus on something that distinguishes you from the others and will help you get noticed. Even if you don’t get the trust, they may notice you as a possible employee! Tell them about your career expectations and your willingness to work for them in the future. This approach will guarantee you the post-graduate funding from at least one of them.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

Well, if you never get the scholarship you want, there is always a chance to get a loan. Though this option is not as great, it’s at least some help.

Now, to think about the postgraduate funding, you can also apply for a student job. I don’t know what country you are from and what are the rules you have there, but there are often chances to find a job on campus. In addition to that assistantship mentioned before, you can work in a university’s café, shop, student union, as an administrator or organizer of university events. Besides, there is often a freelance work as a student tutor. If you are speaking about the postgraduate scholarship, I’m sure you are eligible to tutor some freshmen.

Consider the option of part-time study. Most of the time, you’ll work on your thesis anyway and the part-time education is cheaper. I doubt you’ll miss a lot of useful material, but you’ll certainly save some money.

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