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How different is western welcome week compared to fresher’s day?

I have heard about the celebrations done to commemorate certain events in life. Many of them are appealing and have a significant value to the society. Such events include the western week. Since I have little information on what happens during this week, I need someone to help me understand the event. Does it match with the orientation days in learning institutions like the uni orientation?  I need to know how different western welcome week is in comparison with fresher’s days.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Daniel King on June 21, 2018

I hope my answer will help you understand more about the western week. It is an annual celebration which began way back in the late 1920s, since then, it has been celebrated yearly.  The event focuses on community participation with over 20 organizations each having two or more events. The celebration is geared to benefit charitable and local civic organizations.  The business community and volunteerism makes the western week a success. Its goal is to unite residents, nurture community essence to back non-profit services by creating fundraising opportunities. The event also provides festive entertainment for friends, neighbors and families. What I like about preparation for the week is openness to new ideas, respecting past traditions while focusing on the present needs in line with the tomorrow’s vision.

Welcome-western week has always been a success because it is open to allow all people to participate without any discrimination based on race, gender, age, national origin, color, marital status or disability in the activities.  It is similar to institutions where students volunteer to help their fellow new students. They serve all the students without any discrimination. When I was a student, I served among the orientation team; our purpose was to provide assistance that would help students learn about the institutions and locate various resources and amenities. Both have a purpose of service without expecting returns from any individual they serve or offer assistance. In fact, the greatest joy is to provide assistance to as many students as possible or to as many support clubs as possible.

It is essential to note that the actions, views, opinions or content in the event does not necessarily signify those of western week. The varied views and content make it possible to include all individuals and feel at home without any discrimination. Some of the events that match the western week include hiring and firing staff, vendors, volunteers and provision of outstanding services. The environment is made conducive for anyone to participate from any part of the world.  Since it is non-discriminative you can also join the event. In 2017, I was a participant in the celebration, it was amazing and I look forward to the coming celebration. Orientation days in learning institutions may not have specific events that you can pinpoint to compare with the celebration event but the whole planning process and the ethics involved in both match with the uni orientations.   

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

Thank you for the information you have provided concerning the western welcome week. I have been looking for some information concerning the same and I am glad that I have found this. What I used to know is the establishments of this festival. The homecoming of Richard Little was originally scheduled for May, but since that railroad rates drop in August, it was rescheduled to allow individuals to travel with ease to join the celebration.  I like how the whole event is organized and the involvement of the community. In the last year’s event, our club was one of the beneficiaries of the fundraising. It has helped us to reach many people facing various challenges and provide relevant assistance. I believe that with the information, many individuals will learn about it and endeavor to participate in the welcome week to help many non-profit organizations expand their services. 

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