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How did William of Normandy change England?

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on April 27, 2018

1. He killed the head of the Anglo-saxon royal family, Harold II, in battle and sent the rest in exile. Anglo-saxon monarch never reigned again. 2. He became the owner of England with the right to lease the parties to whom he would like to. All the previous owners were ignored. 3. In return for the right to occupy an area of land which his subjects gave him with soldiers, weapons, money and food. The right to marry or to inherit was acquired from it. The Anglo-saxons based their armies on the loyalty of the family. 4. He introduced a property tax. Domesday book records the property of the individuals. 5. He gave most of the large tracts of land to the French, Normans, Spaniards, Britons and none to the Anglo-saxons. 6. He made an Italian, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Norman ,the Archbishop of York. 7. He built numerous fortifications at strategic points, including some stone (for example, Dover and the Tower of London). 8. Opened England up to the rest of the world. The use of the English soldiers in his battles in France and sending some on the First Crusade to Jerusalem. 9. If someone is opposed to it don't hesitate to use the harshest measures, as happened in the North of England. He struggled to his eldest son, Robert, for control of lands in France. !0. Through their two minor children and the granddaughter of the rule of this French language, aggressive, but fair, Norman prince, England, then Wales and Ireland continued until Henry II Plantagenet, chose a different direction.

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