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How did the United States demonstrate its isolationist policy before World War II?

Jessie Thompson

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1 answer

1 answer

Annie Barnes on February 28, 2019

After the decade of 1930 of the united States Public opinion grew increasingly against interventionist policies around the world.With the memories of the Great Depression and the second World War is still fresh in the minds of all, the united States quickly took a more isolationist policy on the world stage.This meant, keep out of the political conflicts and storms in Europe and Asia, and focusing on the domestic and South American issues.As part of a policy that is isolationist, the united States refrained from funding, support, or sale of weapons to countries outside of the american continent. This was also known as the 'non-entanglement' of the policy.The policy lasted only until 1945, when the united States was attacked by Japanese forces at Pearl Harbor.

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