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How did the sea affect the development of the Greeks’ economy? Proximity to the sea’s bad weather limited the development of Greek commerce and farming. The sea coast encouraged the Greeks to become skilled sailors and traders. Proximity to the sea was a unifying influence that led the Greeks to form a large trade-based empire. The sea coast cut off communication and trade, isolating the Greek city-states from other cultures.

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1 answer

Dana Keller on August 1, 2018

1) How were trials in Athens similar to the tests in the united States today? (Correct answer) D - The defendant was considered innocent until proven guilty 2) How did Spartan government differ from the government in Athens? (Correct answer)-Sparta had two kings 3) How did the lives of Spartan women differ from the lives of Greek women? (Correct answer)C-They had to exercise and stay strong 4) What effect did the conflict between Athens and Sparta have in Ancient Greek civilization? (Correct answer)D-Which caused fractures between the Greek city-states5) What is the conclusion with regard to the Greek city-states makes the image satellite support?(Correct answer )-Mountains and seas incouraged to develop independently6) How was the citizenship in ancient Athens similar to citizenship in the united States today? Select all that apply.(Correct answers)B-Only citizens could hold officeD-Only citizens could vote for officials7) That Greek city-state despised trade and wealth and did not allow his trip? (Correct answer )C-Sparta8) where the life of the Athenian women similar to the lives of Greek women? Select all that apply (Correct answers)B-They had to obey their parents and husbandsD-not to take part in politics9)which of the following were effects of the Peloponnesian War? Select all that apply (Correct answers)B-the Corruption and the Devotion to the selfish interests eroded Democratic governed the War between the city-states of weekend defenses against foreign threats10) How did the sea affect the development of the Greek economy? (Correct answer)B-from The Coast in the Courage of the Greeks to become expert sailors and traders

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