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How did the Microsoft Excel helps your studying as a student?

Bethany Evans

in Studying

1 answer

1 answer

Bethany Evans on December 9, 2018

You can do something to do with calculations and numbers. That could be using it to help their studies. Could be used to put outtime schedules for their studies and other activities to do. Somesubjects are studying may be able to make a significant use ofspreadsheets, so that you could be doing the exercises in if you aredoing a topic that has a lot of numbers, statistics. If theyhave a main study in the project, Excel may be useful in many ways.You could do a follow-up of their results from their different examsand assignments. Although some of the other apps could be better,could be used for simple databases. So there are many ways theycould use of Excel for things related to their studies.

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